Page Break

Page Break is our proprietary creative cum strategy planning tool which is used as an integral part of the entire communication/campaign development framework. It is offered to regular advertising clients and other clients as an independent service for taking a few steps back from advertising and getting the bigger picture in place.

The starting point for us is one single minded objective – to help create an intangible differential in communication terms for the brand in the target consumer’s mindset, which in turn, directly affects its performance in the market segment it is operating in. Either which way, two propositions need to be evolved – first, the mind proposition and second, the market position. Accordingly, three key variables get evaluated in-depth – the market (including competition), the target consumer and the brand in question.


Generating more bang for your buck – that’s what we do. Yes, we help companies generate more sales and online leads by designing interactive websites and managing online campaigns. We put your brand in front of audiences, engaging them into becoming your loyal customers. We work hard for your online goals to deliver targeted and measurable results.

Web development

We have delivered exclusive and innovative web site designs covering not only small and medium companies but also large corporates. Our specialty lies in delivering custom website designs using the latest web technology so that we are on top in this highly competitive market. Also by making use of the updated technical know-how, we make sure that our clients are always one up on their competitors.

Our highly customized web designs and web development comprises delivering online content management systems using Joomla, wordpress etc ; e-commerce website development with shopping carts, online product descriptions and catalogs, and online product demos; and several other customized projects in an efficient manner.

Once our team understands your business objectives in combination with suggestions and feedback, we work around the brief and deliver the right design and image for your website, thus driving the relevant and needed traffic to it and helping convert that traffic into loyal visitors. Needless to add, with loyal and sticky traffic you are bound to enjoy higher site rankings.

Micro sites design

We have both the experience and technical know–how to deliver microsites that show you the results that you expect. The strategy that we follow is simple – capture the attention of the micro-site visitor specifically towards the campaign/ product so that the visitor is able to easily locate what he is looking for. The idea is to make the visitor stick to the site and give him what he wants then and there!

We have done extensive work with some of the best known brands as we fully understand the concept of product/ campaign specific and targeted micro sites that serve the purpose of providing the user with correct and relevant information as quickly as possible, thereby reducing enhancing customer retention and loyalty.

Our specialty lies in developing and delivering a micro-site which is unique with eye–catching and attention grabbing designs and concepts. We provide you an effective development service in an easy and effective manner. To give that extra boost towards improving your business performance and bring you the desired results, our in house team of expert designers and developers provide you with the best, starting from the very basic of designing to development and delivery of the micro-site. Our team works with you to understand your requirement which makes sure that are efforts are in line with your goals and business strategy.

Portal development

As a company, we have successfully executed and delivered some well known portals where we have used the latest technical know-how to give our clients that extra edge over others. This has been made possible thanks to the technical experts that we have on board backed with years of experience, who have consistently delivered highly interactive yet easy and simple-to-use websites as per the requirements of our clients.

Since the main idea behind portal development is diverting maximum traffic to the site, our experienced team of designers and developers, make sure that the portal is designed in a way that it is unique, interactive, attractive , elegant and easy to navigate – which is a sure way to have your loyal visitors coming back to the portal every time they login.

Our portal development capabilities provides services not only to B2C customers but also B2B , which includes integrating third party applications and other comprehensive web services like e-commerce applications, shopping carts and many more.

Application development /ecommerce deployment

While deploying e-commerce solutions, we make sure that there is enough room for flexibility and scalability keeping in mind the dynamic e- business environment that might require frequent updates and changes as per the dynamic business requirements.

After fully understanding the e-commerce strategy that you would like to follow, we take every possible step to ensure that the application is designed and deployed in the most secure manner, paying special attention to integrating SSL certificates, firewalls, appropriate billing systems and other relevant third party secure APIs.

e-Commerce deployment services include:

  • Developing e-commerce software/ applications
  • Designing online catalogs and information architecture
  • Product imports from within the site
  • Content development
  • Normalizing web images and product descriptions
  • Offering a dedicated platform for computing purposes