About Us

“Mind share is a pre-requisite and imperative to help both create as well as build market share”. This is our core belief and we continue to build our thinking around this to make brands work.

First things first – you won’t find us to be just another communications agency. That’s because we see ourselves as being in the people’s business and understand only too well that people do not wish to be advertised to but communicated with.

The Page is fresh. Not much has been written on it. Whatever is written on a day is erased each evening to look at new thoughts, new ideas, and finally new strategies! In other words, breaking new ground and crossing new horizons on an ongoing basis in terms of strategic and creative inputs for our brands is the work mantra of The Page.

We work with our clients rather than for them. We do not just create communications but strive to make brands work by jointly working with clients…through sunshine and rain producing results that have been both measurable and quantifiable.

Today, we look at the communications business as a seamless one – where the core brand message cuts thru the clutter across all media, thereby reinforcing its impact and creating that ‘differential’ in the mind of the target consumers… in other words, ensuring that the campaign works best for our clients!


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